Special session – EMC

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) aspects of smart grids

The mutual interference of various smart grid components may have negative effect on the overall system performance, both at low and high frequencies. Thus the EMC aspects should also be considered in the contemporary design of smart grids. This session is intended to encourage discussion about harmonizing the smart grid elements and making them mutually compatible in electromagnetic terms.

All the authors are invited to submit their contribution and viewpoints on this important topic. For more information contact us: infoline@smagrimet.org.


Update: In this edition of Smagrimet the special EMC session is organized as a distributed session. The papers discussing various aspects of electromagnetic compatibility in smart grids are presented in the following times:

A) Wednesday, 15:40: Session 2 (Modelling and hardware development for electromagnetic compatibility in smart grids)

B) Thursday, 11:10: Session 4 (Ubiquitous contemporary sensors and communications with EMC considerations)

C) Thursday, 15:15: Poster session (here there are, among others, several interesting papers dealing with wireless link modelling, energy harvesting, harmonics in power transmission networks, superconducting cables etc.)