Walter Sattinger, Swissgrid

Challenges for TSOs in a changing environment

Speech summary

Currently electrical energy supply is ensured by many different players. In order to keep the security of supply on a very high level the different partners such as generators, transmission system and distribution system operators have to follow common rules which are described within the new ENTSO-E grid codes. Based on the continuously increasing percentage of new renewable generation connected via power electronics to the power system, a significant change of the dynamic system behaviour can be already observed. System inertia is decreasing due to connection of generation units as PV power or dynamically decoupling of wind turbines rotating masses due to related converter interfaces.

As the conventional power plants currently are the main sources of ancillary services their partly and gradually disappearance from the generation mix leads to the required participation of the new renewable generation units as well as the loads itself to contribute in future to the accurate power system balance provision. A few events within the last months have shown that in extraordinary operation conditions the stability of the power system is endangered and that the classical tools in use will have to be supplemented with advanced tools during planning and operation.

About the speaker

Walter Sattinger graduated from the University of Stuttgart in 1988 and received his PhD in Electrical Engineering in 1995. From 1995 to 2003 he was responsible for power system dynamic analysis studies with DIgSILENT GmbH, Gomaringen, Germany. Since 2003 he has been a senior expert for power system operation with ETRANS AG respectively Swissgrid AG, Laufenburg, Switzerland.

Dr. Sattinger has got extensive experience in power system dynamic analysis. He has been working for 30 years in the field of power system modelling and power system control. In several studies he has worked in all project stages from the on-site data collection to the organisation and implementation of system tests, dynamic model identification, system modelling, power system monitoring, performing of studies, reports and finally the presentation of the study results.

Currently he is working as a project engineer at the interface between planning and operation at the Swiss transmission system operator Swissgrid and he is responsible for the implementation of concepts to enhance system security.

He has worked in a few international working groups of UCTE, CIGRE, IEEE and ENTSO-E.