Paper submission

The submission procedure

By the first deadline (5th December 2017) the authors are invited to submit contributions in the form of either (including figures):

  • an abstract of 2 A4 pages, or
  • a full paper of 4-5 A4 pages.

In both cases the submitted manuscript needs to contain enough information for The Program Committee (TPC) and reviewers to judge on the originality and quality of the work.

The abstracts and full papers need to be uploaded via SMAGRIMET Conference Management System. The manuscript (paper) submission starts on 4th October 2017. During the uploading process the authors will be asked to categorize their manuscripts in terms of the conference topics and application tracks. The authors may also indicate their preferences regarding the presentation format (oral or poster presentation) upon submission. The final decision about the presentation format is however done by TPC.

After acceptance, authors will be asked to submit an updated version of their manuscript according to reviewers’ comments until 9th February 2018. The authors that have submitted the abstract may choose between merely updating the abstract, or extending it to a full paper of 4-5 A4 pages if desired.  The final submissions are subject to brief review.

In all the cases, the paper templates provided below should be used.

Please also consider the following rules which apply for registration:

  • Each accepted paper needs to be linked to a registered person before the registration deadline
  • It is not allowed to link more than two papers to the same person

Note that to have the paper published in the conference proceedings the registration fee needs to be paid and the conference attended. If the paper is not presented at the conference it may be excluded by TPC from further distribution.



Note that these templates are basically standard 2-column A4 IEEE conference templates and they can also be found here.



If you have any other questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact us: