Session 1: Advances in metrology for smart grids


Jean Pierre Brown, Switzerland
Marian Kampik, Poland

13:30-13:50 Sonia Barrios, Ian Gilbert, Aritz Hurtado, Patrick Mulroy, Inaki Orue
Practical Measurements of Partial Discharges in a Smart Grid Laboratory
13:50-14:10 Jean-Pierre Braun, Christian Mester
Metrology for smart grids
14:10-14:30 Ivan Strnad, Goran Pregrad, Ivan Višić, Stevan Gazivoda
Development and Implementation of the Smart Measuring Unit With MU and PMU Functionalities for Smart Grid Applications
14:30-14:50 Ivan Pavicic, Alan Župan, Saša Cazin
Challenges of the transmission system operator to managing distributed generation and consumption
14:50-15:10 Ravi Shankar Singh, Sjef Cobben, Madeleine Gibescu
Assessment of Errors in the Measurement Chain of Distribution Grids for Feasibility Study of a PMU Application

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Wednesday (25.4.)