Dear Colleague,

it is our great pleasure to invite you to the Second International Colloquium on Smart Grid Metrology which is organized by University of  Zagreb, FER, and University of Split, FESB. The Colloquium is also supported by Croatian Cigre Section. The event will be held in Split, Croatia, from 9th to 12th April, 2019.

Following our previous experience, it is our pleasure to invite again the international experts in precise metrology infrastructure for effective development and deployment of smart grids as well as in broad range of its accompanying applications in ubiquitous wireless and optical sensors, smart cities and vehicles, medicine, signal processing, machine learning, energy management and beyond.

We wish to provide and foster an environment for exchanging  university and industrial knowledge and ideas in the form of oral and poster sessions, invited speaker presentations, special sessions, industrial workshops and exhibitions. 

We believe that our choice of topics would encourage the interdisciplinary cooperation and networking as the participants enjoy vibrant, cosy and relaxed atmosphere of beautiful Croatian coast and town of Split.


Prof. Roman Malarić, PhD

SMAGRIMET General Chair
University of Zagreb, FER
Prof. Goran Petrović, PhD

SMAGRIMET General Co-Chair
University of Split, FESB