FER – University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb is one of the most important scientific institutions in Croatia, and it began its tradition in 1956 by enrolling the first generation of students at the independent Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

FER traditionally cooperates with the economy, which results in numerous projects, expertise, and other professional work. From 1995 until today, more than 40 cooperation agreements have been signed with various economic entities. Also, according to the European Commission, FER is at the top of Croatia in attracting EU projects. By the end of 2021, over 260 scientific research projects had been implemented, thus FER continued to strengthen its status as a desirable partner in applied research and development of innovations in the Republic of Croatia. For the purposes of hiring researchers and procuring research equipment, FER withdraws money from the European Union. The total value of projects in which FER participated in 2021 amounted to almost 3 billion kunas, and the part that belonged to the faculty was intended for the employment of researchers and the purchase of equipment. According to numerous analyzes, FER ranks first among domestic research institutions, and the quality is recognized beyond the country’s borders.

This faculty is a leading national and regional higher education and research institution with excellent professors and students, firmly connected with the economy, excellently organized, and internationally recognizable, all with almost 600 employees. The Faculty consists of 12 institutes and several services and is managed by the Dean and the Faculty Council, which has almost 250 members – employees from the ranks of teachers and associates, and students. Each institute at FER is the core of teaching, research, and scientific work in a particular field or branch. For years, this faculty has been a leader in building a strong ecosystem for launching the Croatian economy based on knowledge and innovation.

FER continuously works on increasing research, innovation, and development capacities and the quality of its research and innovation work. It also encourages research aimed at pushing scientific boundaries, in line with the needs of the economy, all in cooperation with Croatian and European institutions.

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FESB – University of Split, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Naval Architecture

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Naval Architecture in Split is a modern higher education and scientific research institution focused on the development and application of the latest technologies in the fields of technical and natural sciences. The Faculty is active in the establishment of domestic and international research collaborations, projects, and scientific programs, participates in the work of scientific centers of excellence, and is the organizer and co-organizer of domestic and international scientific conferences. In addition, the Faculty actively participates in the transfer of knowledge and technology transfer.

The faculty consists of five departments and one department. Each of them has its field of scientific activity and its projects, but also the obligation to implement the curriculum. At the head of each is his boss, who makes sure everything works according to plan. Today, it brings together eminent experts both in teaching and in research projects that attract more and more students every year. Many FESB scientists are known for their scientific work both in Croatia and across its borders. They are participating in about fifty current projects, among which perhaps the most attention was attracted by the accelerator at CERN and the search for Higgs the Boson or the secret of the Big Bang.

FESB is a higher education and scientific research institution focused on the development and application of the most modern technologies with a strategic commitment to achieving high world standards in scientific research, higher education, and higher professional activities. As a scientific and teaching component of the University of Split, with the continuous improvement of teaching content, application of modern teaching methods, and scientific research, FESB educates quality experts in technical sciences, and scientific fields, capable of supporting the development of the Croatian economy.

The recognizability of the Faculty as a scientific research institution has been confirmed by numerous successful scientific projects, published scientific papers, and especially cooperation with recognized domestic and international scientific research and academic institutions.

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