Technical Visit

As part of the conference, an excursion will be organized, that is, a technical visit to the Dubrovnik Hydroelectric Power Plant.

Hydroelectric power plant Dubrovnik or HPP Dubrovnik is an accumulation high-pressure derivation hydropower plant located in Plat, 550 meters from the sea and 15 kilometers south of Dubrovnik. HPP Dubrovnik uses waters belonging to the TrebiĆĄnjica river basin. The facilities of the hydropower plant are located in two countries, with the dam, artificial lake and part of the pressure pipeline in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the other parts of the plant are in Croatia, such as the water chamber, pressure pipeline, engine room, drainage tunnels and breakwater.

You can find out all other interesting facts and information about HPP Dubrovnik during a technical visit as part of the conference. The exact date and time of the visit will be announced.