Call for Convened Sessions

Convened Sessions Guidelines

Rules for proposers

The proposal including a provisional list of authors and reviewers must be submitted no later than the deadline (01 November 2018) using the provided Convened Sessions Proposal Form.

Convened sessions must not have more than two papers from each convener’s institution or more than one paper from each convener as an author or co-author. In addition, the proposers must be aware that should the number of accepted papers be too low, the session might be cancelled.

When soliciting authors, please avoid confusion with SMAGRIMET “invited papers”. In addition, convened speakers and conveners should be informed that they will need to register for the colloquium at the SMAGRIMET website.


Paper submissions

All papers must be submitted by 01 December 2018 and must conform to the same requirements as regular papers. The authors cannot be changed after submission and in case of “no show” the paper will be excluded from the IEEE-Xplore published proceedings.

Conveners may solicit one “overview” paper for a 5 paper session or two for a full 10 paper session. Such papers need not necessarily contain new results, and their quality will mainly be judged on the proper coverage of the topic (e.g. not only work from the author’s institution but also that from the general scientific community). Such papers should be reserved to authors having the proper background and recognition to achieve an authorized overview. It is stressed that this is a possibility but by no means an obligation. All remaining papers must present novel scientific content and are subject to a peer review process.

Selection criteria

The selection process of convened sessions will be based on a set of criteria:

  • Quality of the solicited authors
  • Topic of the session, taking into account the scientific content, the topical character, and the level of expected audience
  • Quality with respect to competing proposals

The selection criteria and other constraints may mean a proposal could be rejected in spite of its value and the reputation of the conveners. A 10 paper proposal may be transformed into a 5 paper session.

Review process

Please note that for SMAGRIMET, and in order to ensure the same quality control as regular papers (including plagiarism and self-plagiarism), convened papers will be reviewed by one of the conveners (except for the conveners’ papers and conveners’ institutions’ papers), and also by other reviewers.