Technical visit

Kraljevac Hydro Power Plant

Kraljevac is the first hydro power plant on the Cetina River, constructed in 1912. It uses the concentrated head of the waterfalls of Velika and Mala Gubavica. At some time it was the largest hydro power plant in the territory of the former country.

The design and sizing of the power plant were based on a mean flow of 80 m3/s. and exceptional flood of 1200 m3/s. After the construction of the Zakučac power plant in 1962, the amount of water coming into the Kraljevac power plant has decreased so that today it uses biological minimum waters, waters of its own natural inflow and overflow of the Zakučac hydro power plant. Mean flow today on Kraljevac is about 5 m3/s.

General data :

  • location: area of Split-Dalmatia County on the Cetina River , near the village of Zadvarje
  • type: diversion, run-of-river
  • total capacity: 46.4 MW

Energy data:

  • installed flow: Qi = 55 m3/s
  • design head: Ht = 108 m
  • turbine installed capacity: 46,4 MW (2×20.8 + 4.8 )
  • maximum annual production:(’74-’97) Emax = 243 GWh (’78)
  • total capacity: 46.4 MW

Some of the photos can be found here: