Session 5: Signal processing and communications

Chairpersons: Branimir Ivšić, Emil Dumić   12:00-12:20 E. Dumic; A. Bjelopera; A. Nuechter Projection based dynamic point cloud compression using 3DTK toolkit and H.265/HEVC (124) 12:20-12:40 B. Ivšić; F. Friščić; M. Dadić Calibration of Vivaldi antenna for EMC measurements (131) 12:40-13:00 P. Bašić Fiber Optic Sensor Cable Based on Hollow Capillary Tube  with Three Tightly […]

Session 4: Utility side metering applications and data acquisition

Chairpersons: Roko Jerčić, Tonko Garma 09:00-09:20 D. Galzina; T. Garma Flicker spreading in a transmission network (107) 09:20-09:40 I. Ramljak; D. Bago Long Term Flicker in Various LV Distribution Grid Types: Urban, Rural and Industrial Grid (125) 09:40-10:00 D. Mlakić; S. Nikolovski; H. Baghaee An Open-Source Hardware/Software IED based on IoT and IEC 61850 Standard […]

Session 3: Power transmission lines and advanced metering devices

Chairpersons: Igor Ivanković, Branimir Ivšić 17:10-17:30 R. Rubesa; I. Ivankovic; M. Rekić; A. Jukic Condition for Establising Voltage Var Control Function Considering Quality of Input Data (108) 17:30-17:50 J. Janjanin; A. Kurćubić; Z. Jovanovic Forecast of Transmission System Losses by EMS (134)  

Session 2: Electroacoustic modelling, metrology and sensing

Chairpersons: Mia Suhanek, Ivan Đurek   14:00-14:20 J. Stamać; S. Grubesa; A. Petošić Designing the Acoustic Camera using MATLAB with respect to different types of microphone arrays (104) 14:20-14:40 L. Bogdanic; M. Suhanek Acoustical system monitoring in complex acoustic environments (102) 14:40-15:00 A. Petošić; Ž. Zorić; M. Suhanek; S. Grubesa Measuring and modelling environmental noise […]

Session 1: Power systems and transformers metrology

Session 1: Power systems and transformers metrology Chairpersons: R. Quijano, T. Garma 11:10-11:30 R. Quijano; Y. Seferi; S. Blair; P. Wright Analysis and Selection of Appropriate Components for Power System Metrology Instruments (114) 11:30-11:50 R. Jumar; A. Erdmann; H. Maaß; U. Kühnapfel; V. Hagenmeyer Open Source 3-Phase Function Generator for Smart Grid Experiments and Monitoring Device Testing (118) 11:50-12:10 […]