Poster presentation

Chairpersons: Petar Mostarac, Bruno Sandrić

#1 G. Levačić; I. Ivankovic; M. Čurin
Mathematical model of power transmission network for calculations in frequency domain (109)
#2 A. Kunac; G. Petrovic; M. Despalatovic; B. Vuleta
Design of a three-phase voltage calibrator (121)
#3 A. Kunac; G. Petrovic; M. Despalatovic; A. Skara
Implementation of Interpolated FFT Algorithm for Synchrophasors Determination (122)
#4 N. Rozić; M. Despalatovic; P. Bašić; E. Sutlovic; M. Marušić
Electric Machine Vibration Measurements Based on Fiber Optic Sensor Techonology – Preliminary Results (123)
#5 Y. Kim; P. So; B. Lee
Voltage Transfer Ratio Comparison of Wireless Power Transfer System with Magnetic Path (126)
#6 M. Marcelić; B. Sandrić; J. Jelenić; M. Jurčević
Determining Location in LPWAN using Multilateration (127)
#7 M. Marcelić; B. Sandrić; I. Leto; M. Jurčević
Electrical measurements error analysis laboratory excercise using an open-source hardware platform (128)
#8 B. Sandrić; M. Marcelić; I. Topolovac; M. Jurčević
Survey of data cleaning algorithms in wireless sensor networks (129)
#9 B. Ivšić; Ž. Martinović; M. Dadić; R. Malarić
Thermal considerations on adiabatic coaxial line for microcalorimeter measurements (130)
#10 A. Koren; M. Jurčević; D. Huljenić
Requirements and Challenges in Integration of Aggregated Personal Health Data for Inclusion into Formal Electronic Health Records (EHR) (137)
#11 P. Mostarac; A. Miličević
Simulated Annealing Characterization of Equivalent Circuit Model for Precision Coaxial Current Shunts (142)
#12 H. Hegeduš; P. Mostarac
Research grade data logging monitoring system for wind energy farms (143)


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Friday (12.4.) P
Poster presentation with coffee break