Measurement Challenges in Intelligent Grids Gert Rietveld

Workshop: Measurement Challenges in Intelligent Grids

Intelligent grids are key enablers of the energy transition towards a decarbonized sustainable energy infrastructure. The rapid development of these grids places many new challenges to the measurement support required to ensure a secure and high-quality electricity supply.

With an active contribution from all participants, this workshop will discuss and determine the existing and future measurement challenges for the successful development of smart electricity grids. The basis for the discussion will be formed by the Strategic Research Agenda recently drafted by the European Metrology Network (EMN) on Smart Electricity Grids. Gert Rietveld
Chief Metrologist, VSL

Gert is Chief Metrologist at VSL, the national measurement institute of the Netherlands. After two decades of work on electrical quantum standards, his current research focuses on power and energy metrology and in particular metrology for smart electrical grids. He has coordinated a 22-partner EU project on Smart Grid Metrology, was the founding chair of the EURAMET expert group on power and energy, and he presently is leading the European Metrology Network on Smart Electricity Grids. He has published over 180 articles in transactions, journals and proceedings.

Dr. Rietveld is member of the International Committee for Weights and Measures and President of its Consultative Committee for Electricity and Magnetism (CCEM). He is a senior IEEE member, and member of several EURAMET, CIGRE, and IEEE Working Groups.

Gert Rietveld received the M.Sc. (cum laude) and Ph.D. degrees in low temperature and solid-state physics from the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, in 1988 and 1993, respectively.