Metrology for Smart Grids – 1

Paper No.TimeTitleAuthors
10611:15Comparative Analysis of Digital Frequency Measurement Methods for Power NetworksA. Serov; E. Dolgacheva; A. Shatokhin; A. Novitskiy; S. Schlegel; D. Westermann
11411:35Sampling primary power standard from DC up to 9 kHz using commercial off-the-shelf componentsC. Mester
11811:55Timebase Offset Calibration of Analog-To-Digital Converters for Mains Frequency MeasurementJ. Kitzig; G. Bumiller
11912:15Phasor Based Zero Crossing Detection of the Mains FundamentalChristoph Niess; Jan-Philipp Kitzig; Gerd Bumiller

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